PDR World

About Us

PDR is India’s one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of active and passive fiber optic components and test equipment to major telecom operators, equipment manufacturers, system integrators, and defence establishments since 1985. It invests in product design, development, and manufacturing, to remain a leading company in optical connections. Its end users and OEM customers are world leaders in the optical communications industry. PDR is constantly expanding product offerings so that the customers have an edge in today’s competitive market.

PDR today serves more than 3,000 customers in all segments of the fiber optic industry. These include telecommunications, contractors, resellers/distributors, ISP’s, original equipment manufacturer’s, researchers, government, education and more. PDR is international in scope, serving customers in more than 15 countries.

PDR has a large inventory of fiber optic products and we are especially proud of our commitment to customer service.

Here are the benefits at a glance!


Fiber Optics to Go

You can purchase PDR fiber optic products at a growing number of resellers/distributors located around the country.

Technical Support team

In case you need to understand product specifications and/or Applications, you can seek technical support from our team to resolve the issues.


Customized Manufacturing

PDR welcomes all requests for customized work, whether the project is large or small. We can customise products from our inventory or we can design a product for you from scratch. Customized work includes customized terminations, coupler modules, preloaded racks, tool kits, cable assemblies, patch cords and much much more!

Rapid Prototyping

PDR can design and produce a prototype of just about any custom item you may require.


Same Day Shipping

PDR provides same day shipping globally for in-stock products.


Value Added Services

These include free technical support, outstanding customer service, equipment rentals, nation wide network, custom manufacturing.