1.6mm Patchcord

PDR provides the broadest choice of patchcords to the industry. All PDR patchcords are tested utilising the industry’s latest

3U Cassette Splitter Rack

PDR’s 19” Rack Mount Cassette Splitter panel is a vital component in any GPoN/FTTx infrastructure.

Armoured Patchcord

It is available to deploy directly without additional tube to protect the cable from damage in any harsh

Optical Talk Set

Standard: Carrying Bag, User’s manual, Calibration certificate, Ear phone & mic – 1 no. each

E1 BER Tester

This E1 BER (Bit Error Rate) tester is a compact, multi-functional, handheld E1 line test instrument

DWDM Mux/DeMux LGX Module

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