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Metros & Railways Solutions

Effective railway management is critical to monitor traffic and passenger safety at all times. Reliable transmission of high-voluminous data in real-time ensures the following functions carry-on smoothly; ticketing, real-time tracking of trains at stations, emergency communication systems, theft and fire alarm network. For all these operations, effective & uninterrupted bandwidth plays a key role. Our active & passive fibre optic solutions make the transportation system more secure by guaranteeing on quality & reliability.

Railways & Metros

Metros and railways solutions refer to the systems, technology, and infrastructure used for the planning, construction, and operation of metro and railway transportation networks. These solutions encompass a wide range of components, including:

  1. Rolling stock: The trains and other vehicles used in metro and railway systems.

  2. Infrastructure: The tracks, signals, power supply systems, and other components that make up the physical network.

  3. Train management systems: The software and hardware used to control and monitor the operation of trains, including train scheduling, dispatch, and real-time monitoring.

  4. Passenger information systems: The technology used to provide passengers with information about train schedules, delays, and other relevant information.

  5. Fare collection systems: The technology used to collect fares from passengers, including ticket vending machines, turnstiles, and smart card systems.

  6. Maintenance systems: The systems and equipment used to maintain and repair the infrastructure and rolling stock.

Overall, metros and railways solutions aim to provide safe, efficient, and reliable transportation services to the public, while also meeting the needs of the operators and other stakeholders.