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General Description
The Fiber Distribution Box (FDB) is a compact termination box used at the building premises such as residence, offices etc. i n the FTTx networks. It is used for straight joint, branch and pass through connectivity in FTTx Networks.

It has theprovision for mounting 2 nos. 1×8 LGXSplitter box.It also has the optional provision for patch panel to accommodate 16 SC type adaptors.

It also has the provision for the storage of drop cables and fiber loose tubes separately without overlapping allowing easy identification of faulty cable routes and maintain itin relatively independent space.

The design and construction of the FDB allows individual link testing without disturbing the other subscribers. The box allows easy fiber access from front side during installation and maintenance. The box maintains the safe bend radius suitable for G6 52 standard fiber.

It can be used for indoor as well as outdoor applications. It is made up of engineering plastic material making it light weight. It can very well work with Optical Micro cables and Aerial ADSS cable.

The box body is made of high quality engineering plastic material. With safe shaped lock, the box can be opened and closed easily. The angle of opening box is more than 120°.

• Can accommodate 1×4,1×8,1×16,2×4,2×8 & 2×16 PLC Steel tube splitter or LGX Splitter
• Protection Class: IP65
• Protection Class: IP65
• Supports upto 16 FTTHdrop cables

•Used at Access Networks for spitting and distribution
• Applicable for pole and wall mounting applications
•Used in FTTx networks

PDR Fat box with White Box

PDR Fatbox Orange Cable

Wall Mount Enclosure – Model FTB-R24

PDR Pole Mount


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