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Rapid Push Cable Assembly

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General Description
FTTXsmart -Rapid Push Connector & Cable is a flexible, pushable preterminated fiber optic drop solution for fast and reliable FTTx deployments.

At just 3mm outer diameter <1/8 inch the FTTXsmart drop cable solution is also one of the smallest cables in the industry.

Manufactured utilizing the BalistixPushable connectortechnology, The FTTXsmart-Rapid Push cable has a number of advantages over alternative last drop solutions.

Reducing the industry standard SC connector diameter from more than Ø11mm to Ø6mm; means that the Rapid Push connector & cable is optimised for installing through the small spaces that are typical of most FTTx scenarios. Part of Rapid Push connector & cable can be installed without using large conduits or drilling big holes through the customer’s wall. At the other end of the drop cable the connector options are unlimited; including SC, LC, FC, and even no connector.

Rapid Push connector & cable can be successfully pushed through Ø6mm holes and Microduct bores as small as Ø6.5mm. Hand push distances vary according to bend frequency and duct quality; The rugged nature of the Rapid Push cable in tandem with the Rapid Push pre-terminated connector reduces the cost of fiber deployments as well as the intrinsic skill and difficulty of handling and connecting customer drop cables.

• Pre-terminated hence no field splicing / mechanical termination
• Guaranteed Insertion Loss / Return Loss with certification
• Installs inside microducts with >Ø06.5mm I.D
• Industry Standard SC Connector format
• Single-mode UPC, APC or Multimode options
• Features FTTXsmart bend limiting technology
• Ultra light-weight
• High crush resistance
• Inherent kink resistance
• Low friction outer sheath
• Small round concentric design

• FTTH/FTTX – Indoor & Outdoor Drops
• Single dwelling and MDU
• FTTP and Campus Networks
• Telecoms
• Rural Broadband


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